Social way of saving money

Select a common goal and a monthly amount, save money with your friends or family members.

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Social way of saving money

Çember, is an app to save money with your friends and family members. Users can save money by creating a circle for a common goal or amount in which they need financing. Each month, the agreed amount is sent to one of the users in circle, at the end of the circle everybody receives the total target amount.

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How can you save money?

Create a circle.

To start saving money, create your first circle and name it. Choose your monthly savings goal, how many people you want to save money with and also payment day. You can share your motivation of saving with other circle members.

What are you saving for?
Create a circle
Invite your friends or family members.

Invite your friends or family members.

You can invite your friends, family members who share the same dream with you. You can invite as many people as you want. The more crowded the circle, the less you pay.

Save together

Start saving.

Make your payments every month, take total amount when it’s your turn. Don't forget to share your joy with the circle members!

Finance your dreams
Start saving
Join Circles

Join Circles

People who have the same dream as you may created a circle before. Check what has been created before, join the one thats suits you best!


What is your dream?

What is your dream?

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“Organization of these circles to save was always my responsinbility. I was tired of reminding people every month, and Çember can do it for me now!“

Ayla Karabağ

“With a group of friends I have met since college, we created a Çember and find an excuse to meet with them and save money together. “

Melisa Özdilek

“Gamers need to update their hardware time to time so I buy new stuff for my PC. Saving with my friends with the same goal is fun. “

Tunç Deha Uluç

Frequently Asked Questions🤔

  • What is Çember?

    Çember is an app where users can save money as groups for a common goal. With Çember, users can set a goal, agree on an amount to pay monthly and pay this to one of the users in the group every month. At the end of circle, all users receive the total target amount.

  • How can I download the app?

    You can download the app from App Store or Play Store.

  • How it works?

    You invite anyone you’d like to save money together to the circle you created. When the target number of people is achieved, circle starts. Payment order is randomized. Çember will remind you how much and when to pay. You’ll receive notifications.

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We’re saving together!

We developed Çember for you to finance your dream items, save and spend money without taking on debts. You are not alone!

A traditional saving method which is familiar to all of us has become a better experience in digital. We’re saving together for our dreams.